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ASC BUZZ - May 2019

Dear customers and partners,

Welcome to the latest issue of ASC BUZZ, the update of ASC SALES NEWS!

Enthusiasm and energy - that is what this term conveys and what we want to transport with this new format! You are in for the latest topics, news, updates, and upcoming events - all of them in a shiny new look.

In this edition, we are focusing on the cloud. With our study “Communication 4.0” we address what’s currently on everyone’s lips. And so does the article on ASC published in Handelsblatt magazine titled “A journey to the cloud” (available in German only).
Furthermore, we are taking a stand with our cooperation with Salesforce and the availability of the ASC Recording App on AppExchange.

And last, not least, we are offering a webinar on “Recording & Analytics as Service From the Cloud” that revolves around how to use ASC solutions to connect on-premise telephony to the cloud.

Your ASC team


The cloud is the future – new study “Communication 4.0” attests to the trend towards cloud usage

In the ASC study, experts share their attitude on the usage of cloud applications – with special regard to the atmosphere of growing requirements and the rapid developments in work life and IT.

Which cloud strategies do companies from different industries have? Which are the arguments speaking in favor or against cloud services? What are the factors to be kept in mind when thinking about moving to the cloud? Our study has the answers!

Read more in our »press information.

»Download the study for free

Recording & analytics as a service from the cloud - Learn more in our webinar

Also companies with on-premise telephony can now profit from the advantages of ASC’s neo cloud

ASC offers companies the possibility to connect their on-premise PBXs to the ASC neo cloud. That way, customers profit from all the advantages that ASC’s cloud-based solutions bring without having to reorganize their own infrastructure. In addition to the innovative solutions for recording, companies now have all features for the analysis of their corporate communication at their fingertips.

Learn more about the advantages that the neo cloud brings in our webinar on 15th May at 2 PM (CET) - register now.

Or read more in our »press information.

New ASC app on Salesforce AppExchange - app has been listed and is available

ASC Connect |Communications Recording | Analytics | Compliance | Quality

  • With just one click, a call can be recorded and replayed in the Salesforce Service Cloud. ASC recording control provides customers with the flexibility to decide which sections of the calls are supposed to be recorded. This recording control mechanism allows you to start, stop, pause, set on hold, delete and mute/unmute recordings. All recordings can be accessed easily by means of the Salesforce application.
  • The app reliably matches calls to contacts, accounts, and leads in Salesforce and thus guarantees transparent customer interaction in one central location which is easily accessible for call center agents, sales managers, and compliance teams alike.
  • Transcription as the foundation for further analyses

About Salesforce AppExchange:

Salesforce AppExchange is a worldwide leading marketplace for enterprise clouds. It opens up new perspectives to companies to sell, support, market, and use services. More than 5,000 solutions, six million customer installations, and 80,000 peer reviews make AppExchange an ideal source for cloud, mobile, social, IoT, analytics and AI technologies for companies.

»ASC app at Salesforce AppExchange


neo 6.0

The latest version of our neo suite will be available in May 2019. It brings new features and the redesign of the user interface makes using it even more intuitive.

The innovations at a glance:

  • Recording Check Mechanism for Cisco & Skype for Business
    Allows checking whether all available calls have been recorded
  • Recording Consistency Check
    Advanced recording check functionality
    (e.g. checking for white noise and jitter values)
  • Redesign of the user interface
    Improved look and feel of the user interface
  • Improved web service APIs
    New functionalities such as creating users, tenants, add-ons, and exporting transcripts
  • Real-time analysis with alarm functionality
    Keyword spotting in real time to increase quality and to speed up reaction times e. g. in the public safety sector

  • New reporting and new dashboard application
    New solution to create and display dashboards and the corresponding reports

Cantonese for Analytics - 廣東話 Analytics

Everyday corporate communication creates huge amounts of data. Each contact brings to light priceless information about products, business processes, market trends and customer requirements. Speech analysis tools help to rake through this data, structure it and gain valuable knowledge.

Keyword spotting allows searching the entire communication, categorizing calls and displaying the results in reports. Keyword spotting is based on predefined lists of words and phrases.

When using transcription, the written text is the basis for further analysis. In the first step, the entire conversation is transcribed and can then be searched for certain words, topics or phrases.

Our language packs for these tools have now been supplemented with Cantonese.

This allows us to reach even more users in addition to those speakers we are already catering to with the wide range of languages on offer.

More information can be found in our brochure “ASC‘s Innovative Solutions for Speech and Desktop Analytics”.

Handelsblatt: A journey to the cloud

Our CEO Gerald Kromer in an interview with Handelsblatt magazine on the evolution toward cloud solutions and the related concerns about data protection and data security.

ASC ventures a new step with its cloud solution and offers companies facing the obligation to record their communication a possibility to do so in the cloud in compliance with data protection regulations.

»Follow this link to go to the Handelsblatt article

(available in German only)

CC Expo in London

At this year’s CC Expo in London, Europe’s leading event for customer engagement, ASC successfully presented its recording, analytics, and cloud solutions for contact centers.

Tradeshows and events

  • 7th and 8th May 2019: 7th Control Center Symposium, Bremerhaven, Germany
  • 7th and 8th May 2019: Mitel Customer Experience Days 2019, Karlstad, Sweden
  • 13th to 16th May 2019: ICMI Contact Center Expo & Conference, Ft. Lauderdale, USA
  • 15th and 16th May 2019: UC EXPO, London, Great Britain
  • 22nd May 2019: Salesforce Basecamp, Berlin, Germany
  • 23rd May 2019: Campus Careers, Aschaffenburg, Germany

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